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10 Things I Love About Warehouse 13:

1. Claudia Donovan
{Played By Allison Scagliotti. She is an expert hacker, as evidenced by successfully hacking into the Warehouse where others have tried and failed in the past. She works in the Warehouse with Artie, Pete and Myka and often fixes things or hacks into places when they need information for the mission at hand.}

"Knock, knock!"

"I'll find him. It's what I does."


2. Pete Lattimer
{Played By Eddie McClintock. He has a sixth sense for danger and refers to those feelings as vibes. Pete has a weakness for cookies and loves comic books.}

"So this place is filled with, like the worst guys ever, right? Hitler, Mussolini, Michael Vick..."

"O.M.G. What's the B.F.D.?"

3. Myka Bering
{Played By Joanne Kelly. She takes her job very seriously and tends to do things by the book. She has a keen eye for details and is extremely book smart.}

"The world's most dangerous Antiques Roadshow."

"Oh, you want to swap beauty tips. Then we can talk about the hair that's sprouting from your shoulders, your nose, and, your, umm, ears."

4. Artie Nielsen
{Played By Saul Rubinek. He is a former Warehouse agent, now in charge of the Warehouse. Apparently, he has a fondness for baking cookies.}

"Never rule anything out."

"Y'know what the Talmud says? When someone's comin' to kill ya, get up early, kill 'em first."

5. Leena
{Played By Genelle Williams. She runs the bed and breakfast where Pete and Myka currently reside. She can read a person's aura and has known past Warehouse agents before Pete and Myka came into the picture.}

"I could tell. Your aura looks like hell."

6. Mrs. Frederic
{Played By CCH Pounder. Not much is known about Mrs. Frederic, other than she is Artie's superior and the director of the Warehouse and the government organization behind it.}

"They want you to stay. Bering and Lattimer are not the best agents we've ever had. You are." (referring to Artie)

7. James MacPherson
{Played By Roger Rees. A former Warehouse agent, MacPherson is now considered an enemy of the Warehouse and formerly Artie's partner, now enemy.}

"Even anomalies are bound by their own laws of nature."

"Walk out of here with me now... and follow what you know to be true in your soul."

8. The Warehouse

{The Warehouse built in 1914 and designed by Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and MC Escher. There have been 12 incarnations prior, hence the warehouse being called 'Warehouse 13.'}

9. Guest Stars

10. Artifacts

{Many, if not all of the artifacts housed in the Warehouse have a connection to major historical figures. For example, Edgar Allan Poe, Lewis Carroll, President Lincoln, etc.}

{Challenge 21 for [ profile] scifiland}

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